Reagan Capaci Drops Visuals For RnB Track Don’t Recommend

by Marcus Adetola

9th January, 2023

Reagan Capaci Drops Visuals For RnB Track Don't Recommend

Soulful RnB artist Reagan Capaci delivers a hypnotic RnB vibe on the song Don’t Recommend. It is an earworm of a track, flowing with a grandeur reminiscent of classic R&B tracks with elements of soul and jazz music undertones seamlessly united with feelings of nostalgia..

However, the raspy and irresistible vocals from Reagan Capaci are the focal point as they sink and merge into the lush atmospheric soundscape to create an infectious sound.

In the past two years, Reagan has ascended to new heights in her career. Before the pandemic, she played a sold-out show in Phoenix, Arizona opening up for Doja Cat. Then in 2021 she won the 2021 ASCAP Foundation Harold Adamson Lyric Award in the pop category. More recently, she has amassed a great number of fans on TikTok after her last single Don’t Recommend was discovered by T-Pain on one of his popular live streams. 

Reagan Capaci’s EP See It Yet? featuring Don’t Recommend is out now.

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