LoudChief and Samil Drop The High-Energy Hiphop Track Black Ops

by Marcus Adetola

17th January, 2023

LoudChief and Samil Drop The High-Energy Hiphop track Black Ops

Black Ops by Grand Rapids, Michigan native LoudChief x Samil (feat. Dirty Meech & Madison Da Great) is a high-energy track that hits hard. The beat is heavy and intense, with a catchy melody that will have listeners nodding along. The verses from LoudChief, Dirty Meech, and Madison Da Great are strong and delivered confidently, while the hook is memorable and well-executed. Overall, Black Ops is a dope example of the power of collaboration in hip-hop music. Fans of the genre will want to give this song a listen.

It’s the first song recorded for the upcoming EP, 5 Piece & A Biscuit: Everything On Everything.

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