JVSMINE Drops The Dreamy Forgive Me

by Marcus Adetola

9th January, 2023

JVSMINE Drops The Dreamy Forgive Me

On the single Forgive Me, British/Singaporean RnB artist JVSMINE takes you on an introspective journey filled with uplifting electronic sounds masked in a dreamy soundscape that evokes an undeniable energy that is enchanting.

JVSMINE delivers a spectacular performance in both vocals, lyrics, and sound. The visuals do not disappoint as they continue with the vivid bitter-sweet emotions prevalent in the audio.

“Being presented with love can really feel like holding a mirror up to yourself and to insecurities you didn’t even know you had. I wanted to write from a perspective of not knowing how to give and receive love. It’s something that everyone writes and dreams about in this society, however I’ve come to realise that I still have a lot to learn and this song is my personal reflection on that.” – JVSMINE

Forgive Me is the follow up from JVSMINE’s two track release Floating and the first of the series of tracks from her upcoming mixtape which is set for release this year.

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